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The sour solution

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  The sour solution video   A full length skatevideo made for Sour Solution, a brand based in Barcelona. featuring some of the most talented skaters in Europe, filmed during two years around the world. Filming, editing, animation and design by me.     Teaser for the sour solution  

Santa Sudaka

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  Catalogue shoot for Santa Sudaka   An one day "behind the scenes"-project shot during the Catalogue shoot for Santa Sudaka, a jewellery brand made by Sofia Avila.

Personal photos

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Personal photos.   Taken during different projects or just for my own good.   Antibes, France 2013     Metro in Barcelona, Spain 2014     street snapshot, Joaquin Costa, Barcelona     Barney Page, ollie, Tarragona     Portrait of Simon Isaksson, Barcelona 2014     Emil Johansson Boardslide pop over, Castelldefels 2015    

Spend this sunday at your home

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All hatmakers get into it by accident. I had my dream job: I was working at Queen’s Park for a couple of politicians, but in the end, it wasn’t as perfect for me as I thought. I took a hatmaking course as a stress release, and [then left] the office. I studied with retired milliner Barbara [...]

Brume, cailloux et métaphysique

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Tyrion is Right

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Gallery Post

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